Balancing Life and a Blog

Sometimes I’m here, putting up content consistently and sometimes (most times) I disappear for weeks and months before jumping back in like nothing happened.

I don’t have THAT many followers, and I’m not even sure how often everyone checks in, if at all. I know I’m notorious for following and rarely checking the content because I just don’t have the time. I still don’t have the time, but I want to make time. I love this blog, I love the memes, I love writing the reviews and while the start and consistency have been rocky, I really do enjoy the book/blog community here. Balance is hard to find and keep.

I’m torn between wanting to share everything and finding/making the time. One, two, ten or no one could read this post but if it’s out there, its out there no matter who sees or doesn’t see it, a while at one point it might have mattered to me, it doesn’t anymore. It feels good to just write about what I love.

When put out content for the week I feel proud, and happy with the books I’ve shared. This blog saved me when I was lost, I didn’t have a job, I didn’t have any direction but I always read and I shared my thought on Goodreads, but this, this gave me a whole new purpose and as I found myself in the real world, I lost the will to make time to write, to get lost in what was once my salvation.


I think I’m starting to find my way again. I’m getting back to happy.



Getting Books the Old-Fashioned Way: Libraries



I used to love libraries. I would collect library cards from from every city or state I’ve lived in, I have 7 in total. Libraries were my safe place growing up, I spent countless hours in the library at school and near my house, the librarians knew my name, they were my friends, more than happy to get books brought into the library on my recommendation.

The library itself was a place of solace, the smell of books, the ability to get them for free, to borrow as many as you need and return only to take out more.  Libraries were amazing!

I went to the library this weekend and stepping through the doors was better than coming home. There were so many books waiting to be read, I was giddy with excitement. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of the books that have sat on my TBR pile, but when I went to look up books on the catalogue I was shocked at how many authors were not listed, more than half of my TBR came up empty, name after name. Worse, this was the Central Branch and yet nothing. Penelope Douglas, Krsiten Callihan, K.A. Linde all didn’t have books and if they did, it was limited to two books out of their collection. I was devastated, the one place I could always count on had let me down.

Is this because there are more and more self-publishing authors? Is it because ebooks are taking over the book world? Why is it that the number one place for free up to date books was so lacking in up to date books???

Nevertheless, I went in with hope of leaving with a number of books and came out with just three because I was desperate and there was nothing I wanted but if I left empty it would have been for nothing and we can’t have that, so I borrowed,

wildWild by Sophie Jordan which was coincidentally at the very bottom of my list and a part of the series continuation I was hoping on reading, eventually.

last-hitLast Hit by Jessica Clare I’ve read other books by her before and thought why not I’m running out of time.

the-nearly-wedsThe Nearly-weds by Jane Costello which drew me in because the cover is so fun and UK authors seem to have the clumsiest and funniest heroines.