Movie Trailer Mondays – The Fault In Our Stars

Movie Trailer Monday Button

Welcome to Movie Trailer Monday! This weeks trailer feature is none other than John Green’s TFIOS out in theaters June 6 save the date guys! 



First Impression: Surprisingly today was the first time seeing the trailer. I am so glad that I waited. I’m [this] much closer to the real deal now.

I must say that I judged the movie by its actors. I know you’re not supposed to do that but I did it anyways. Ansel Elgort? Never really heard of him until now. I was skeptical but after watching this trailer I’m sunk. I almost cried all over again, they quoted the book so well! 😥

Shailene Woodley is doing well for herself with the wrap of Secret Life of an American Teenager. The Spectacular Now, TFIOS, Divergent, with Insurgent and Allegiant Parts 1 and 2 in pre-production she is on a roll.

Ansel Elgort making a name for himself first as Caleb (Tris’s brother in Divergent) and now what is sure to be a stunning portrayal of Augustus Waters.

So what’d you guys think? Did you swoon and cry?

I want to know, Okay?




What are you thinking?

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