Movie Trailer Monday – Divergent

Movie Trailer Mondays





First Impression:

Like many of you I read the books before it became famous, at least I like think so. I really enjoyed the books, so much so that I have yet to read Allegiant and no, I have not read/heard any spoilers. Please don’t ruin it for me, I’m trying to savor the experience.

If I hadn’t read the books I don’t think I’d want to see half of the book-based movies coming out. But isn’t that the case for a lot of these books to movies? If the books weren’t so good, it wouldn’t have been made into a movie but if it was a movie first how many of you would actually watch them? Personally I wouldn’t have gotten near Vampire Academy‘s movie if it wasn’t for the book.

Thoughts on the Movie: 

After watching this trailer, I really feel like I should stop being a chicken and read Allegiant already.


What are you thinking?

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