Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Blogger/Reader

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.  Every week I will share a list based on the topic provided by The Broke and the Bookish.

Enjoy and please feel free to join me, I’d love to hear your own lists on whatever topics are featured.


February 18:  Top Ten  Reasons I Love Being A Blogger/Reader

1. The internet is filled with answers (Google), but what I love about it the most is coming across blogs where real people share they’re very real experiences. As a reader, one can find blogs on food recipes, DIY projects, fitness, all number of things. It’s wonderful.

2. As a blogger, I love when I get comments. I blog for comments because I get to see what my subject matter has brought out in Googlepeople and I can connect with all sorts of people from all sorts of places about our general love of books and reading.

3. The very interesting and clever names people come up with for the title of their blogs. Take the blog of Erised. Not only is it a tribute to Harry Potter but its pretty darn clever! Also check out whYAnot <– see what I mean?

4. As a book blogger/reader, I love seeing other book blogs where I can expand my reading genres, maybe find an author I never would have come across or a meme that’s really fun to take part in, bringing in lots of new people and seeing other blogs and their ideas/lists on the same memes.

5. Blogging is strangely therapeutic. When I started I wanted to be anonymous and then I realized that I did want to be anonymous, especially with this blog. I wanted to be able to rant or rave about a particular book and I wanted to have a connection with my readers.

6. Sharing and experiencing the books I’ve read with all my readers. Not all my friends have the same taste in books and really I’m the only one that’s an avid reader. Blogging widens my range of meeting book obsessed readers that I can connect with on any and all genres.

What about you?


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