Is it just me?

stumpedIs it just me or do some book lover’s get book blocked? It’s not that I can’t find a good book to read because I have several on my shelf, but I just can’t seem to drum up the enthusiasm(?) to read.

It’s really bothering me and I don’t know how to get over this block. Help????


5 thoughts on “Is it just me?

  1. A couple weeks ago I noticed that I was less than enthused about the books I was reading, and had read several so-so books in a row. Then I decided to do something different: I ignored my review schedule and started picking books I keep putting off, and now I’m feeling much better about what I’m reading! Not all of them have been winners, but I’ve been excited to choose what’s next. Maybe you just need to mix it up a bit, try a new genre/series/author? Or if you were reading only one type of book like I was (review copies!), have a mini-marathon of some other type of book that you’ve been putting off (I’m reading books that I won).


  2. I think it happens to everyone. I know it has happened to me. Like Witless Fool suggested – try something else. Maybe something in a genre you don’t normally read or just go cold turkey and go a week or however long without reading anything.


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