#4 Book Beginnings & Friday 56

I have found something to replace the old First Page Fridays since that has been discontinued, but I found something that’s basically and dare I say, just a tad bit better.

 So please join me in Freda’s Voice Friday 56friday-56

*Grab a book, any book.
*Turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader
(If you have to improvise, that’s ok.)
*Find any sentence, (or few, just don’t spoil it)
*Post it.

bb-buttonAnd Rose City Readers Book Beginnings
Please join me every Friday to share the first sentence (or so) of the book you are reading, along with your initial thoughts about the sentence, impressions of the book, or anything else the opener inspires. Please remember to include the title of the book and the author’s name.

Without further ado…

savor-youKylie Wolfe and bassist Wyatt McCrae have been bad for each other for the last several years, but it’s impossible for them to end their toxic push and pull. Not when their attraction is constantly fueled by lust and proximity—she’s her older brother’s Lucas’s assistant and Wyatt is his best friend and band mate.

So when Your Toxic Sequel makes a move to record a new album in Nashville, Kylie decides to make the latest break with Wyatt official by getting the hell out of town. She’ll spend a week in New Orleans. A week to immerse herself in the Mardi Gras scene. One week to not think about the last time she was in New Orleans, seven years ago with Wyatt. Seven days where she won’t have to see Wyatt every day just to fall ridiculously in love with him all over again—where, if she wants to, she can have a normal, no-strings attached fling that won’t end in heartbreak.

Too bad Wyatt ruins everything by showing up, as gorgeous and demanding and awful for her as ever.

Wyatt refuses to let Kylie give up on him. Not without reminding her why they both fell so far and hard in the first place. Not without making her savor the good memories and what could be their last chance with each other.

First Page : “Kylie, he’s looking at you. Like he wants to peel your jeans off with his teeth. Like he—”

“Like he’s a stranger who”ll probably strangle me to death when we get back to his hotel room.”

Thoughts :  This is the first page after the prologue that was seven years in the past. Honestly, it was a pretty boring opening and the synopsis was why I got as far as I did. The sentence I shared was present day and Kylie is 26, it’s a few sentences in but I think it shows her character more than the prologue beginning, and it’s totally something I would say.

iBooks p. 56 : ‘Even my best friend assumes that when Wyatt McCrae shows up, the probability of me falling into bed with him as soon as he snaps his musical-note-tattooed-fingers is pretty damn high.’

Another passage that accurately sums up Kylie, if the push and pull of her relationship with Wyatt isn’t apparent by now, this sure shows it. I’m a little ways into the book now and this is a recurring theme, them falling together after falling apart. But so far it hasn’t become tedious or annoying yet.

Based off of what I’ve shared…

REVIEW: Sugar Kisses

Sugar Kisses—nothing tastes sweeter than revenge…

Roxy Capwell couldn’t be more miserable. She just had her heart stomped on by her cheating boyfriend, and the last thing she’s looking for is love. She hates men.

Cole Brighton couldn’t be happier. He’s a player of the highest order, there’s not a girl at Whitney Briggs University that he can’t tag and bag. He loves the ladies.

Roxy’s dream is to own and operate her own bakery one day, but with no oven in her dorm, and a lucrative baking competition on the horizon, she agrees to move in with her best friend’s brother, the obnoxious, womanizing, Cole Brighton.

Between the heavenly scent of baked goods, and Roxy’s perfect body strutting around the apartment, Cole can’t think straight. So when Roxy’s ex starts sniffing around again, Cole volunteers to play the part of her new boy-toy and things get heated both in and out of the kitchen.

Roxy discovers she might not hate every man on the planet, and Cole discovers nothing tastes better than Roxy and her late night SUGAR KISSES.

Roxy is a ball of stress and anger.
Cole is all ego and sex.
Their attraction is unstoppable.
And when their bodies collide—its combustible.

Published: February 10th 2014

Series: 3:AM Kisses #3

Genre: New Adult/Contemporary/ Academic College/Romance

Source: Goodreads


Why did I chose to pick up this book after struggling for weeks to finish something else? Oh, yeah, I thought it would be a nice break, a light but entertaining read.
The problem I find with short books, the author tries to cram too much too soon. I’m here suffering from a major case of whiplash. I’m halfway into the book and already Roxy has gotten over her hatred of all this with a penis and is jumping into a relationship with her new roommate.

“Mom, this is my roommate.” “And my boyfriend, Cole.”

Wait, what? When did this happen?? If I’m following the shady timeline correctly, Roxy met Cole a month before moving in, I’m guessing they’re on winter break since Christmas just happened and then New Years, classes start up again and I’m not sure but I think a week passes, she drinks and gets drunk for the first time, they have a drunken (Roxy) heart to heart, snuggle after he shares the loss of his dad and her her grandma and the next day they’re eating cupcakes and “taking things slow” And now she’s telling her mom that this is her boyfriend?
If Roxy met him in November, moved in to his place December and most of that was spent with family because she confessed to not actually seeing him just hearing his revolving door sex, we’re at one week before New Years, then January and let’s two weeks in at this stage…
How does a woman who was with a man for three years whoo cheater on her, who just left her in November, who seemingly had mile high walls and the demeanor of a perpetually scared porcupine, thaw overnight and lands herself a man who just two weeks ago was having lots and lots of sex, a living room wall full of tallies lots of sex.

Other than the lack of a proper timeline, I’m going through it relatively quickly, there’s a flow to the words but the unrealistic development of their relationship is driving me up the wall. I’m so close to DNF.
Last Line: “Chris, “I don’t care what he says. I’m not a pussy”


 2.5 Stars